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N7UVCam1 (Phoenix, True North)

N7UVCam2 (Roving Reporter)

Download Latest 24-hour Time Lapse Video

Download Latest 24-hour Time Lapse Video

1090 MHz ADS-B Tracking

Scottsdale Weather at Equestrian Manor / Paradise Valley North

Google Earth Stuff (right-click and save, then open)

Longest Great Circle paths - overland and overwater (over land and over water)

Longest overland path

Path avoids all seas and oceans

Length is approximately 12915km / 8024mi / 6974nm / 116.1deg

Longest overwater path

Path avoids ALL landmasses visible to Google Earth

Length is approximately 31961km / 19860mi / 17258nm / 287.4deg

More neat Google Earth stuff


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