Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
Southwest Division  
Seligman Subdivision  

Yucca, Arizona
Last Observation Date
Lat 34° 53' 04" N
6 July 2003
Lon 114° 09' 08" W

Radio Frequencies
160.650 MHz
897.8875 MHz (MCP)
936.8875 MHz (BCP)

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From Kingman, head west on I40 to the Yucca offramp (exit 26). From Needles, east on I40 to Arizona exit 26. Go west on the road as it turns to dirt. Right turn on an unmarked trail that heads more or less north into the wash. Once in the wash, follow the trail in the bottom of the wash west to just before the railroad bridge, then north up the trackside path to the CP.


Yucca CP was built sometime in the Spring of 2003. Before then, it was a 22.9 mile run between crossovers at West Griffith and east Franconia. Yucca has existed for a long time as a siding , which still exists about 0.5 mi railroad west of Yucca CP.
Very hot during spring, summer and fall. Yucca is home to the Ford Motor Company's Arizona Research Institute Proving Ground, where they drive Fords around in circles for days to see if they can survive the Arizona heat. If you're thirsty, there's the Honolulu Bar. Otherwise, it's Needles or Kingman for food and supplies.

CP Object
ATCS Mnemonic
Bit Location
Switches 1 Normal 1NW K11
Reverse 1RW K12
2 Normal 2NW K13
Reverse 2RW K14
Tracks 1 W Approach 1WA K33
E Approach 1EA K34
In Plant 1T K31
2 W Approach 2WA K35
E Approach 2EA K36
In Plant 2T K32
Signals Track 1 E-Bound Traffic 1EG K21
W-Bound Traffic 1WG K22
Track 2 E-Bound Traffic 2EG K23
W-Bound Traffic 2WG K24
Other Track 1 Plant Lock   K25
Track 2 Plant Lock   K26

Indication Bits currently unknown or unused: K15, K16, K17, K18, K27, K28, K37, K38, K41, K42, K43, K44, K45, K46, K47, K48, K51, K52, K53, K54, K55, K56, K57, K58


CP Object
ATCS Mnemonic
Bit Location
Switches 1 Normal 1NW C11
    Reverse 1RW C12
  2 Normal 2NW C13
    Reverse 2RW C14
Signals Track 1 W-Bound Traffic 1WG C21
    E-Bound Traffic 1EG C22
  Track 2 W-Bound Traffic 2WG C23
    E-Bound Traffic 2EG C24
Other   Track 1 Plant Lock  


    Track 2 Plant Lock   unk

Control Bits currently unknown or unused: C15, C16, C17, C18, C25, C26, C27, C28, C31, C32, C33, C34, C35, C36, C37, C38


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