Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
Southwest Division  
Seligman Subdivision  

Mohave County, AZ
Last Observation Date
Lat 35° 15' 11" N
26 Nov 2002
Lon 113° 58' 23" W

Radio Frequencies
160.650 MHz
897.8875 MHz (MCP)
936.8875 MHz (BCP)

Naming convention according to author's rules and logic. Your rules might be different. Vive la difference!


Beautiful Kingman. The 4th or 5th largest city in Arizona. However, Arizona's a pretty low population state, compared to California. Off I40 at exit 53, north about 2 miles or so. Before you get to West Berry CP, you'll come up on a trucking company's parking lot at 3980 E Andy Devine Blvd. Through the parking lot to a dirt access road that parallels the right-of-way and then north along the right-of-way about 1.5 miles to the control point. This road is probably passable by 2WD vehicle but if it was raining I'd prefer not to try.


While pretty hot during the summer, you probably won't die if stranded here, so long as you have water and common sense. There's nice, long views north on the tracks with trains coming around the bend of Antares Point, some 12 miles north. The headlights show up, then even at speed it's quite some time before you hear the locos. Be careful with that telephoto lens: trains may be closer than they might appear.

Andy Devine Blvd is the famous Route 66. A few miles down the road in downtown Kingman is the famous Powerhouse Route 66 Museum. Give it a try.

As far as food is concerned, try the Silver Spoon on Andy Devine Blvd (about 2 mi so of I40, exit 53) for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The very best chicken-fried steak this side of Texas, with good biscuits and gravy. And for dinner, the Dambar across the road and a bit further up is good for steaks, with that old-time cowboy flavor.

For gasoline, prices are good at the station at Smith's supermarket on Stockton Hill at Gordon.

CP Object
ATCS Mnemonic
Bit Location
Switches 1 Normal 1NW K13
    Reverse 1RW K14
  Pair 2 Normal 2NW K11
    Reverse 2RW K12
Tracks 1 W Approach 1WA K35
    E Approach 1EA K34
    In Plant 1T K31
  2 W Approach 2WA K37
    E Approach 2EA K36
    In Plant 2T K15
  Siding W Approach 3WA K38
    In Plant 3T K32
Signals Track 1 W Approach 1WG K27
    E Approach 1EG K22
  Track 2 W Approach 2WG K23
    E Approach 2EG K24
  Siding W Approach 3WG K21
Other   Track 1 Plant Lock $1PL K26
    Track 2 Plant Lock $2PL K25
    unk: Always ON unk K55
    unk: Always ON unk K57
    unk: Always ON unk K58

Indication Bits currently unknown or unused: K16, K17, K18, K28, K33, K41, K42, K43, K44, K45, K46, K47, K48, K51, K52, K53, K54, K56


CP Object
ATCS Mnemonic
Bit Location
Switches 1 Normal 1NW C13
    Reverse 1RW C14
  Pair 2 Normal 2NW C11
    Reverse 2RW C12
Signals Track 1 W Approach 1WG C25
    E Approach 1EG C22
  Track 2 W Approach 2WG C23
    E Approach 2EG C24
  Siding W Approach 3WG C21
Other   Track 1 Plant Lock $1PL


    Track 2 Plant Lock $2PL unk

Control Bits currently unknown or unused: C16, C17, C18, C26, C27, C28


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