ORITA to EL CENTRO, MP691.2 - MP713.7






  OK, so you've noticed.  The rails begin at some singularly remote location in the midst of the Imperial Valley.  Not to be too concerned.  This branch used to separate from the El Centro Branch at Calipatria, about 15 railroad miles north and west.  So originally the mileposts began at Calipatria and counted up toward the eventual terminus at Holtville.  From there the Holtville Interurban Line took over to El Centro.



691.2 Begin Branch (CAL125A6)

      Begin Absolute Block Register Territory (ABR)

      Speed Limit: EB 20 MPH

      -90' AMSL; +0.0% EB

  The Orita Feedlot is located along the east side of the tracks.


691.4 West Switch ORITA Siding

      State Route 78 Grade Crossing

      Orita Canal and Drain

West Switch 0784 fifty feet south of grade crossing

Gates, lights bells

Stop sign 20' south of crossing

BNB 691.4

State Route 78 Crossing

Orita Feedlot on northeast side

Hastain Road dirt access along west side to north

access road (Hastain) connects to SR115


691.6 SR115 Joins the Right-of-way




691.8 0.00:12.13 Private Crossing

      East-facing 0784




691.9 Strieby Road Grade Crossing

      Oleander Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck, fallen in the dirt, south side



692.0 -95' AMSL; +0.1% EB



692.3 Private Grade Crossing

This crossing is about 200' north of Griffin Road.




692.4 Griffin Road Grade Crossing

      Ohmar Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck, south side





692.9 Gonder Road Grade Crossing

      Orange Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck, south side.

Moiola Bros




693.0 -90' AMSL; +0.0% EB




693.3 private crossing 40' north, service road for IID



693.4 Nolan Road Grade Crossing

      Oxalis Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck, south side




Sheep on east side

Alfalfa on east side



693.9 Hart Road Grade Crossing

      Olive Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck, south side

Alfalfa east side




694.0 -90' AMSL; +0.0% EB



694.1 Old CURLEW Station and Siding

1300' siding along east side of rr




694.4 Private Grade Crossing

      25' Bridge over Holtville Main Drain




694.9 Finney Road Grade Crossing

      Occident Canal and Drain




695.0 -90' AMSL; +0.1% EB




695.1 Private Grade Crossing

homemade, unofficial




Lone eucalyptus tree northwest side


695.4 Keystone Road (County Road S27) Grade Crossing

      Orient Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck




695.6 Private Grade Crossing

Birger Ranches, 3574 Hwy 115.




695.9 Cooper Road Grade Crossing

      Oasis Canal and Drain

crossbucks only



696.0 -85' AMSL; +0.0% EB




696.3 Lone Eucalyptus Tree on east side




696.4 Boyd Road Grade Crossing

      Oat Canal and Drain

no indications - just yellow RR sign





696.9 Townsend Road Grade Crossing

      Township Canal and Drain

w/ buckboards

lone house on northeast





697.0 Old Railroad Siding with Cattle Loader Ramp

      -85' AMSL; +0.1% EB




697.1 Private Grade Crossing




697.4 West Switch SANDIA (0770) Siding

      West-facing 0773 Spur off 0770 Siding

Old Sandia Siding lay along the west side of the right-of-way and began at 697.2, ran to 697.6, about 1800' long.




697.5 SANDIA Station

Signposted on west side




697.6 East Switch SANDIA (0770) Siding

      Private Grade Crossing

Two houses, a set of old silos, etc, are accessible across the grade crossing.  There is also an 0771 spur that branches off the 0773 spur, between the abandoned chemical dump and the silos.




697.70 Harris Road Grade Crossing

       Pepper Canal and Drain

Gates, lights bells





698.0 -80' AMSL; +0.1% EB




698.2 Blodgett Road Grade Crossing

      Pomelo Canal and Drain

West rail is broken in the pavement of the crossing.

One of the oldest churches in the Valley is just a half-mile east on Blodgett.



Leafy to west




Sheep on east pasture




698.7 Wright Road Grade Crossing

      Palm Canal and Drain

1 crossbuck only      




699.0 -75' AMSL; +0.2% EB

Painted in red on the rail also




699.1 Hartshorn Road Grade Crossing

with wig-wag




699.2 Pine Canal and Drain

      West-facing 0763 Siding

Siding lies along east side of tracks about 200 feet south of the canal.




699.4 FULLER Station




Merten Land and Cattle Co. Private Crossing




699.7 Robinson Road Grade Crossing

      Plum Canal and Drain




700.0 -65' AMSL; +0.3% EB





700.2 Worthington Road (County Road S28) Grade Crossing

      Peach Canal and Drain

Crossing gate, lights bells


Sign on Worthington going west: "Imperial  10"

IV Swiss Club Sign


Flat agricultural






700.7 Ferguson Road Grade Crossing

      Pampas Canal and Drain

Crossbucks only





701.0 -50' AMSL; +0.3% EB

The MP is painted on the west rail web.





701.2 Norrish Road Grade Crossing

      Palmetto Canal and Drain

Single crossbuck south side




701.6 East Switch 0760 Siding

Serves a Grain loader




701.7 Kamm Road Grade Crossing

      East Switch 0760 Siding

      Pear Canal and Drain



Right-of-Way separates to East



702.0 Thiesen Road Grade Crossing

      -35' AMSL; +0.3% EB

1 Crossbuck north side




702.4 Alamo Road Grade Crossing

Land drops off to southwest very quickly into Alamo River ditch




702.7 West-facing nnnn Spur

Went to grain loaders to the east




702.9 West-facing nnnn Spur

Went to grain elevators to the east




703.0 Zenos Road / 6th Street Grade Crossing

      West-facing nnnn Spur

      -20' AMSL; -0.1% EB

Spur serves packing facility to east on Olive Street.




703.1 5th Street Grade Crossing

      West Leg Espee Wye





703.2 Speed Limit: EB 10 MPH, WB 20 MPH








703.5 HOLTVILLE Station

      End ABR

      Begin Yard Limits





703.6 SR115 Grade Crossing





703.7 0720 Spur

      Speed Limit: EB 20 MPH, WB 10 MPH





703.9 Wooden Bridge over the Alamo River





704.0 -25' AMSL; -0.2% EB




704.1 nnnn Spur




704.2 Highway separates from rr




704.4 West Switch RICO (0712) Siding




704.5 RICO Station




704.7 0713 Spur




704.9 East Switch RICO (0712) Siding

      State Route 115 Grade Crossing




705.0 East Switch 0710 Siding

      -30' AMSL; -0.3% EB




705.1 Loader




705.2 Silos




705.4 Anderholt Road Grade Crossing

      East Switch 0710 Siding




705.7 Alfalfa along north side of tracks

      Road along north side also (dirt)




706.0 -50' AMSL; -0.1% EB




706.4 Barbara Worth Road Grade Crossing




707.6 MELOLAND Station




University of California Imperial Valley Field Station




Meloland Road Grade Crossing




James Road Grade Crossing




McConnell Road Grade Crossing




State Route 111 Grade Crossing




Cannon Road Grade Crossing




Cooley Road Grade Crossing




Dogwood Road Grade Crossing







713.7 El Centro Station

      End of Branch

      Turning Wye

      Begin Yard Limits

      Speed Limit: WB 20 MPH