Los Angeles Division

Yuma Subdivision

El Centro Branch





  The San Diego and Arizona Eastern, the failed dream of John Spreckles and the city of San Diego, lives on out in this particularly remote western section of the Imperial Valley. Up until 1983 this line occasionally carried mainline railroad traffic from the Espee mainline to San Diego; the treacherous Carrizo Gorge and its miles of curving tunnels, ancient wooden trestles and daring heights, along with severe rainstorms, have regularly conspired to keep the railroad from getting though the mountains to the west.

  Today, the railroad still collects traffic from this lonely land; the Pacific Portland Cement Company mines gypsum, the raw material for many modern building materials, from a pit along the northwest side of the Fish Creek Mountains, some twenty-two miles northwest.  A narrow-guage railroad, owned and operated by the mine, runs regular, gray and dusty trains of gypsum to the processing plant at Plaster City.

  This and the Sandia are the only branch lines in the Yuma Sub where the mileposts count up toward the west, rather than the east; for this reason the guide will begin at the "east" end of the branch, actually going compass-east in the process.


129.6  Begin Branch (CAL125A6)

            Begin Yard Limits

            Speed Limit: WB 40 MPH

            nnn' AMSL; -0.7% EB


130.0 PLASTER CITY Station

      West-facing Mining Railroad Spur

      Wye Track


131.0 Begin Absolute Block Register Territory (ABR)


Dunaway Road Grade Crossing


Bridge over the Westside Main Canal


Jeffery Road Grade Crossing


Westmoreland Road Grade Crossing


Jessup Road Grade Crossing


Derrick Road Grade Crossing


Drew Road Grade Crossing


Evan Hewes Highway Grade Crossing


Bennett Road Grade Crossing


139.8 SEELEY Station


146.2 Speed Limit: WB 25 MPH


147.8 EL CENTRO Station

      End of Branch

      Speed Limit: WB 25 MPH